2020-2021 - Following 3 additional years of construction and repairs following the hurricanses in 2017 our suites were ready to open up for visitors January 2021. A long and winding road, never give up. In the end, we are very pleased to have gotten this far.

Pitaya Building

3 Mar 2017: Here comes house Piataya

24 Sep 2015: Building Alamanda almost done. Here comes the roof beamers.

19 Aug 2015: Extreme draught. Donkeys suffering a lot.  

19 Aug 2015: We were on St John to inspect. Second level of house Alamanda now up. Making slab for third level.

12 Jun 2015: Alex, the builder; Michael, the architect; Darryl, the A/C expert; Anders, proud owner.

12 Jun 2015: Look an infinity pool! That was not in the plans but will prevent people falling down.

12 Jun 2015 The view from House Seagrape towards the ocean and St Croix is gorgeous!

28 May 2015: Pool is next

28 May 2015: House Seagrape coming up

22 Apr 2015: Mechanics room and cisterns floors 

10 Apr 2015: First concrete pour. Cistern Seagrape.

10 Apr 2015: Guys are standing behind where the pool is going to be. In foreground cistern foundation building Seagrape.

10 Apr 2015: View towards south

10 Apr 2015: Here comes first concrete. Concrete 30% of building costs, has to be shipped from St Thomas

10 Apr 2015: Cistern foundation, view towards west and St Thomas

25 Mar 2015: Clearing vegetation

27 Feb 2015: Groundbreaking ceremony

May 2012 - In the beginning there were thorny bushes

Seagrape Vista

Cruz Bay, St John, USVI

5 Mar 2017: A the caribbean colors are coming out and so is the Papaya tree to the left. Compare with 1/2 year ago.

4 Mar 2017: The view from the upper apartment balcony is amazing and the view from the house Pitaya roof is breathtaking

16 Mar 2018. But grows fast in the tropics!

6 Sep 2017. Hurricane Irma - Category 5

20 Sep 2017. Hurricane Maria - Rain

1 Aug 2018. Pouring the parking lot.

Seagrape Building

12 July 2017 Finally all roofs completed. Now only remains pool, grounds, parking lots, lots of tiling, fencing, interiors and furniture and then we can open up. It will take a while...

22 Jul 2016: And here is building Alamanda. Still waiting for concrete for last floor and roof for building Pitaya. Ferry service in bankruptcy so no concrete is being shipped to St John right now. Just hoping for no hurricane, that could potentially blow the form right off the building and damaging house Seagrape.

6 Mar 2017: Our iguanas oversee tiling of the pool deck.

Alamanda Building

8 July 2017. Tree planting ceremony

with friends and family. a Maho tree.


22 Jul 2016: Construction was down for several months because the car ferry company that also ferried concrete from St Thomas went broke. In addition litter piled up on St John that otherwise would have been shipped off to St Thomas. After some debacle the car ferries started to run again.

After a winter break we are finishing the exteriors. Building Seagrape is first. Windows and doors in place.

5 Mar 2017: House Alamanda exterior almost finished!