There are a large number of beaches around the island. On foot you can go directly down to Franklin Bay and have a swim. The shore is a bit rocky. Our favorite beach is Solomon Beach, a 15 minute walk, see hiking below. For other beaches check out either the downloadable apps "St John off the Beaten Track", or "The St John Experience App". On the computer check out

St John is unique. In 1917 the United States bought St. John from Denmark. In 1956 Laurence Rockefeller donated the half of the island he owned to the Federal Government and the VI National Park was established. This is why there is so much unexploited land and fine hiking trails across the island.

Remember not to call it St John's. St John's is either located in Canada(!) or on Antigua. It's St John without the S.




A sliver of paradise

Download the App - "St John Off The Beaten Track" to get topographic Island map with lots of exciting trails.

Walk along the Cruz Bay beach and take a left at Moongoose Junction towards the National Park Visitor Center. Go past it to enter the Lind Point Trail to reach the best beach in the Caribbean - Solomon Beach (15 minutes). Walk a little further and reach Solomon Beach (20 minutes from town).

For a more strenous hike walk past Moongoose Junction and when the North Road turns left walk straight up the Caneel Hill Trail 2.4 Miles up the Caneel and Margeret Hill Trails (elevation 840 feet). Continue down to Honeymoon beach and have a drink. Walk back along the shore or get a ride home.

Cruz Bay, St John, USVI

One of the charms of Cruz Bay is the ample availability of dining, all available on foot. For a list of restaurants check out "The St John Experience App". Reservations are recommended during high season if you are dining in one of the fine dining restaurants; if not, there is always space somewhere.


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